Séminaire de Mme Sarah Laajimi
The mutual (non)exclusivity of passion and career: a personal anecdote

Séminaire 2ème LBC (International) & M 1 | mercredi 01 novembre 2023 | De 13h00 à 13h45

Mme Sarah Laajimi

Professeure agrégée en littérature, civilisation et linguistique Anglo-Américaine

Sarah Laajimi, 25, is a university teacher of Anglo-American literature, civilization and linguistics at the Higher Institute of Applied Studies in Humanities of Tunis (ISEAHT). She is also a painter represented by Archivart gallery. Having received her education at the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure of Tunis, she acquired the necessary tools for critical and analytical thinking, which she applies in her teaching as well as her artistic career. She is currently working on her Master’s thesis in interdisciplinary literature, focusing on the link between the painterly and the literary in late nineteenth century American fiction. Her paintings also reflect a fondness of the literary by attempting to tell stories that transcend the stillness of the medium. The most prominent themes explored in her painterly practice are those of happiness, loneliness, and the “unbearable lightness of being”.

In this presentation, Sarah narrates her experience with the dilemma of following a stable career with a paycheck or opting for the risk that comes with following an artistic career. Full of ups and downs, her personal anecdotes in this journey are narrated while simultaneously exploring the tunisian artistic art scene and the opportunities that presented themselves.