Séminaire de Mme Intissar Chihi
How to Master the Art of Charisma

Séminaire 2 LSG + 1 LBC INTER + 2 LSC | mercredi 13 mars 2024 | De 10h15 à 11h00

Mme Intissar Chihi

American Cultural Studies, Anglophone Studies University teacher

Intissar Chihi teaches American Cultural Studies, Anglophone Studies, and conducts workshops on Charisma & Leadership at the Higher Institute of Human Sciences, Tunis. She is also very keen on arts. Oil painting, using mixed techniques and collage, is one of her artistic passions. She has held, for instance, several painting exhibitions together with her husband. Radio is another great passion for her. She is voice-over in Arabic, French, and English. She has been podcasts content designer and a show host in Misk radio from 2017 to 2021. Among her shows and podcasts we can mention “Nharek Misk”, “Hkeyet fanni”, “Dialogue Insolite”, “Couleur Café” and “Voyage dans l’univers de Fadhel Jaziri.”