Séminaire de M. Zouhier Touiti
Wars in Palestine and Ukraine: A fast-evolving world order

Séminaire 1 LBC + 1 LBC INTER | mardi 12 mars 2024 | De 10h15 à 11h00

M. Zouhier Touiti

Jurist Expert in Law and International Relations
  • Holder a Master’s Degree in Public Law, the thesis of which is ” The Legal Arrangements Governing The Oil and Gas Tunisian Contracts”; has a License in English Language and Civilization and certificate from German academy as Arab Policy Makers in Higher Education and Sciences, mainly in Oil industry.
  • He works as deputy manager of Research of New Opportunities in Oil and Gas in the Tunisian National Oil Company.
  • He is in charge of the Negotiation, Analysis and Drafting of Petroleum Agreements and Contracts of Gas Sale and Purchase as well as other related Agreements.(Downstream; midstream & upstream Operations).
  • He is also the Chief negotiator of the committee responsible of discussing new opportunities in Tunisia.
  • Beside this, he’s also teaching investment contracts and business law in the Tunisian faculty as the Ministry of Higher Education and Research has given me the title of Expert in International Relations and Law. Moreover, he actively participates in many international conferences on Oil and Gas.
  • He is also qualified as Expert in the Tunisian Universities to teach International Investment Contracts.
  • He is also Expert in Contemporary Civilizations and International Relations; has written numerous articles, posted on his personal website, such as “The Perspectives of the Post- revolutionary Tunisia,” “The Role of Regions in the New Tunisia,” and “Religious Rapprochement”; Has participated in various international conferences on international relations and cultural dialogue ; has taught a wide array of courses.