Séminaire de M. Mondher Kalai
Unilingualism or bilingualism, can we survive in a globalised labour market ?

Séminaire 3ème LSG, LSC & 1ère LBC (International) | mardi 31 octobre 2023 | De 13h00 à 13h45

M. Mondher Kalai

General director, Public relations and communication & Communication Consultant
  • Senior Interpreter
  • Director General public relations and communication
    (SURV interpretation and translation services)
  • Communication Consultant
  • From teaching to journalism, written media, télévision, the National TV channel, communication with ministers, interpretaion in Tunisia and abroad, with Heads of States in Tunisia and abroad, the Late leader Moamar Kaddafi among others, former President Marzougui, late President Beji Caid Essebsi and the current president Kais Saied during official visits in Tunisia and abroad.

Bilingualism is explained in any dictionary as the ability of an individual to use two languages fluently, and to alternate between them as needed. By extension to a country and not a nation, it is the coexistence of two official languages in the same state. Bilingualism is the simplest form of multilingualism, as opposed to unilingualism which means using one single language.

Can we survive when we speak one single language? Do we need to speak two  or more languages fluently to survive in a globalized world?

What are the chances for job seekers to secure a job when they are unable to speak any other language but their mother tongue?