Séminaire de M. Mohamed Amine Khiari
A student can be an investor too: how to get started ?

Séminaire 3ème LBC&LMAD | lundi 30 octobre 2023 | De 14h00 à 14h45

M. Mohamed Amine Khiari

Chairman & CEO Africa Accelerator & Partner network VC Silicon Valley Fund

My mission is to boost the world’s most talented entrepreneurs and investors, help them create successful companies at scale, and build thriving global ecosystems.

In a world of financial opportunities, it’s essential for young minds to grasp the fundamentals of investment and entrepreneurship. During our time together, we’ll explore the key principles of investing, demystify financial jargon, and provide practical tips for students to embark on their investment journey. Remember, your journey to financial security can begin today, regardless of your student status. Let’s dive into the world of investing and unlock the potential that lies ahead.