Séminaire de M. Khaled Junior Hafaiedh
Emotional Intelligence in Business: Elevating Professional Success through EQ Mastery

Séminaire 2 LSG + 2 LBC INTER + 1 LBC INTER + 2LMAD | lundi 11 mars 2024 | De 12h15 à 13h00

M. Khaled Junior Hafaiedh

CEO and Founder of IPACT Consult Inc

Khaled Junior Hafaiedh, a Professional Certified Coach accredited by the ICF, serves as the CEO and Founder of IPACT Consult Inc. in Canada. With a PhD in Web Security from the University of Ottawa, he currently holds positions as a professor at both the University of Ottawa and École supérieure privée d’ingénierie et de technologie Esprit in Tunisia. Since 2011, he has been an active researcher at the Software Security Research Group, collaborating with IBM and the University of Ottawa. Additionally, he leads the MINOS research team at Esprit since 2018.

Moreover, Hafaiedh is an American Canadian Board for Professional Training (ACBPT) Certified Trainer of Trainers, specializing in innovative communication techniques and active teaching pedagogies. He has conducted training sessions in various institutions across Canada and Tunisia, including the University of Ottawa, Esprit, IHE, Tunisian Business School (TBS), and ACCI. Furthermore, he has extended his expertise globally, delivering training programs at universities such as UnB, University of St. Petersburg, University of Bogota, and others.

Furthermore, he excels in resource management, time and stress management techniques, and fostering work-life balance. Hafaiedh’s training repertoire includes modern teaching methodologies, active pedagogy, public speaking, and professional communication skills, both intercultural and interpersonal. He is adept in conflict resolution, pitch development, negotiation tactics, branding, and marketing strategies. Additionally, he holds certifications in various holistic practices such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Energy Healing, REIKI, Access Consciousness Bars, and TAI CHI/QIGONG.