Conférence de M. Abdessalem Hichri
The 4th Industrial Revolution

Sémniaire | Mercredi 03 mai 2017 | De 14h00 à 16h00
Espace de conférences - Amphi, bât A, El Ghazela

Biographie de Abdessalem Hichri

CEO (Owner)

CEO (Owner) of a technology startup Oracle Technology Architect at IBM (Senior Manager) Top Level Consultant at various multinationals Part Time Adjunct Professor Experience: More than 17 years of pure Information technology Experience within various top 50 technology multinationals. Academic Achievements: Ph.D. (MIS) , MBA, MIS, OCP, SCCE, PMP

  • High Level Conceptual Overview Cognitive Computing, Cloud Computing, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence Application, Robotics and Automation, Internet of Things, Big Data and Data Analytics
  • Digital Transformation: Technological Innovations-Team Discussion
  • Global Integrated Enterprise Solutions
  • Industry Trends
  • Challenges and Solutions

The 4th Industrial Revolution

Industry Trends