ESB students joined the American Corner Tunis for a Debate Club on Saturday. They also took part in engaging and fun activities on Wednesday. They had the chance to brush up on their speaking skills and communicate in social situations. 🇺🇸🇬🇧
In order to hone your speaking skills and express yourself comfortably in English, you are invited to participate in the American Corner programs on Wednesday and Saturday (both virtually and in-person).
So, develop your conversational skills, Join the American Corner! 💪
We would like to thank:
Fatma Khelif
Méjri Mariem
Mejri Wafa
Emna Ghannouchi
Khouloud EL Asri
Sarah Mnasri
Sarah Othmani
Toukebri Melek Amine
Sami Ben Hamed
Meriem Azaiez
Sarah othmani
Meriem Bahroun